Taico® Productions Corporation began in 2001

Tai was born and raised in Far Rockaway New York. He began his career as a musician vocalist and composer, appearing in dinner clubs and theatres throughout New York City and countrywide. His collaborative effort on the Off Broadway Musical Cabaret and CD production of Bonnie Sander’s Broadway Moon Song Shoppe won him critical acclaim.

In 1993 Tai Aguirre decided to leave the hustle and bustle of his native New York City to live a greener and slower-paced life in rural upstate New York. Little did he know that the move would be anything but quiet – and the circumstances that would ensue determine a new career direction as a truth-baring radio journalist.

Aguirre became unwittingly embroiled in a Stephen King-worthy rural horror story of jurisdictional battles with government regulatory agencies. The agencies threatened his costly renovation project after giving their official approval. The three-year David and Goliath battle jeopardized Aguirre’s home and livelihood and took a personal toll on his health.

This experience lead him into the research and implementation of cutting edge healing paradigms. Today he enjoys great health and enthusiastically shares what he has learned.

Aguirre realized that the only way to wage and win a defense campaign against his then government regulatory battle was to get his story out to the public. He sought out media to alert the average Joe and Jane to the injustices government regulatory agencies routinely carry out on ordinary citizens. After all, if it happened to him, anyone could be next. Aguirre’s story was covered by several high circulation newspapers and television and radio shows including WorldNet Daily, WABC Radio and FOX TV news.

The media exposure turned out to be the tipping point in Tai Aguirre’s victory. Shortly thereafter, similar hardship stories from other families fighting battles with regulatory and bureaucratic agencies poured in from all over the country. Aguirre found himself a now well-informed advocate and did what any creative bigmouth New Yorker from Queens would do: He created a news/talk exposé radio show!